Live And Wander is a boutique entity importing in Greece iconic spirit brands,  

the ultra-premium English Silent Pool Gin, the unprecedented Código 1530 tequila and Código 1530 mezcal and the unique vodka L'Orbe Vodka x Caviar. 

Our company is the exclusive distributor for all Greek territories, delivering a high-level quality of service for our unique brands. 

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It’s a question often asked in the outside world: What kind of tequila do those who ‘know’ drink in Mexico?

For generations, the answer has only been known to a select group of Mexico’s most respected families and Los Bajos’ finest jimadors – they are the fortunate few who have had the privilege of tasting El Tequila Privado, a private recipe from a little distillery in Amatitán.


With no commercial pressure to ever bring this private tequila to market, a small group of Mexican families had heartily supported it.


For several generations, a local Amatitán artisan and distilling family has passionately produced this spirit, never veering from the centuries-old codes and customs – “Los Códigos” – that have made it the most selective tequila in the world.

For the first time, those who have enjoyed this private, previously nameless tequila are sharing with the world what is now known as Código 1530.

In Amatitán, every drop of Código 1530’s offerings: Blanco, Rosa, Reposado, Añejo, and “Origen,” our Extra-Añejo, have been perfected over several generations the way one would a homemade recipe – embracing time-honoured customs without ever veering from the traditions of the Los Bajos region and its tequilieras and jimadors.



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Inspiration for the gin started at the pool, in its depth and purity; layered in deep and complex flavours, yet smooth and pure enough to sip neat. We did not have to look far to find many of our signature botanicals; from the chamomile found growing through the broken concrete floor in the old barn where our still now stands, to the elderflower bringing bright colours to the vivid green surrounds of the pool, and the roses and lavender that lined the walls of our local village, Albury.

After 600 recipe iterations over 18 months we settled on a combination of 24 ingredients. The final process is far from simple; the botanicals are split into three groups, each treated separately before combining in a unique distillation to obtain the optimum flavour.
Silent Pool so perfectly expresses its environment that it wouldn’t quite be the same if it was made outside the small patch of gorgeous Surrey countryside we call home.




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The ultra-premium vodka L'Orbe vodka x Caviar is a rare vodka with a unique taste. The delicate flavour and the distinctive aroma of caviar come from the natural "infusion" of caviar evolving in the

heart of the bottle.


It delivers a combination of buttery and nutty notes and a fresh

taste of the sea.

​It is an impossible pairing made possible thanks to a patented technology enabling the infusion of a fragile ingredient into a spirit.

As in molecular cuisine, the caviar is transformed into a pearl and then placed in the bottle’s internal tube.


The pearls make contact with the vodka via the slots on each side of the tube. Through this special mechanism, the caviar aromas are slowly released into the liquid.

Royal Baeri caviar was chosen for the production of L'Orbe for its refined flavour, notes of fresh nuts and creamy texture.

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