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Nestled away in the Surrey Hills is an ancient spring with crystal-clear water fed from a deep, natural chalk aquifer. The pool was the inspiration for both the packaging and the liquid within; the striking teal colour of the bottle was matched directly from an image of the deepest part of the pool. Shrouded in myth and legend, the pool gets its name from an ancient tale dating back to the early 1200s.


Emma, a woodcutter’s daughter, retreated into the pool trying to evade an evil knight perusing her into the woodcutter returned he found his beloved daughter perished, and a hat on the floor left by the rider with the crest of none other than evil Prince John, Regent of Britain.


To this day the pool has an eerie calmness and, while surrounding waters are busy with birdlife, there are rarely any signs of life, hence the name Silent Pool. If you look closely amongst the botanicals that decorate our bottle, you will find illustrations of both the maiden and the evil knight.

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Inspiration for the gin started at the pool, in its depth and purity; layered in deep and complex flavours, yet smooth and pure enough to sip neat. We did not have to look far to find many of our signature botanicals; from the chamomile found growing through the broken concrete floor in the old barn where our still now stands, to the elderflower bringing bright colours to the vivid green surrounds of the pool, and the roses and lavender that lined the walls of our local village, Albury.

After 600 recipe iterations over 18 months we settled on a combination of 24 ingredients. The final process is far from simple; the botanicals are split into three groups, each treated separately before combining in a unique distillation to obtain the optimum flavour.


Silent Pool so perfectly expresses its
environment that it wouldn’t quite be the same if it was made outside the small patch of gorgeous Surrey countryside we call home.



An intricate juniper-led blend with subtle spice, delicate florals, and fresh citrus. A classic London dry gin with a contemporary twist.


Handcrafted with 24 botanicals English gin with a refreshingly individual character. Full-bodied with delicate florals, fresh citrus, and velvety local honey.


Smooth, refined, refreshingly individual.  



The award-winning Silent Pool GinSilent Pool Gin is also available in a premium magnum (1.5Lt) bottle with a hand
labeled metallic copper neck collar.

Allow the artistry of the beautiful, sky-scraping Silent Pool Gin Magnum to transform a moment into a celebration.



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