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Ultra Premium Spirits For Unique Tasting Experiences

Live And Wander

Providing You With the Very Best

Live And Wander is a boutique entity specializing in Greece's ultra-premium and luxury spirits market segments.

It was established to provide consumers in Greece with high-quality products and services and offer unique

experiences both to the venues it collaborates with and the end customer.

Live And Wander is the official importer for the Greek market of iconic spirit brands like the handcrafted  Italian aperitivo Cordusio, Codigo 1530 tequila and mezcal, and the ultra-premium Silent Pool Gin.

We aim to provide enterprises and high-net-worth individuals with premium,

luxury and super luxury products and services.

Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin

Ultra Premium And Luxury Products

Indulge your senses 

What We Do

Live and Wander is a boutique firm providing product representation and distribution services for the Greek market and bespoke Marketing Consulting and Brand Management services to high-end products.

Silent Pool gin and Mist
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Athens, Greece

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