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Distilled with a unique rose tea infusion to create a distinctive yet delicate rose flavour.

Rose Expression Gin shares the Silent Pool Gin DNA in terms of its complexity and refreshingly individual character, however, the core recipe has been refined to complement and enhance the rose notes. Some of the original botanicals - pear, bergamot, cubeb and cardamom - have been increased while lemon has become the leading citrus.

The bottle carries a pink copper ribbon to denote the rose flavour.



Light, elegant and smooth with notes of vetiver and cardamom mingling beautifully on the palate. Delicate rose notes build in the back of the mouth, along with a lingering finish of citrus and spice.


Recommended Serve

  • 50ml Silent Pool Rose Expression Gin
  • 150ml Premium Elderflower Tonic
  • Handful of ice
  • Garnish with a slice of pear

Silent Pool Rose Expression 43%, 70cl

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  • The story of Silent Pool creation is told both through the aromas and flavours of the liquid and through our class leading packaging and bottle design. Silent Pool Gin captures the very essence of the Silent Pool and the surrounding Surrey Hills, Rare Citrus Gin brings together the Worlds’s rarest and most intriguing citrus fruits in perfect harmony. Rather than being reliant on one unique ingredient to shine through, all of our recipes work like a symphony of flavours. Each and every ingredient serves a purpose and complements the last without dominating the palette. The balancing of these complex flavours always involves a long and arduous recipe development process.

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