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Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin is crafted with the rarest juniper and most exotic botanicals including oud and cloud tea to deliver a unique layered gin experience. In our quest to create the world’s most distinctive gin, we sought the rarest and purest juniper and found it in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Our juniper only grows above 4000 metres in pristine mountain air and sunshine. It is sustainably collected by a resident team in the mountains who know exactly where this jewel of Bhutan can be found.

Sipping Black Juniper Gin introduces you to the finest ingredients in the world in a complex but delicate layering of flavour to create a uniquely ethereal taste and aroma.


Available in limited quantities. 

Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin 43%, 1Lt

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  • Tasting Notes

    Appearance: Crystal-clear, Colourless

    Nose: Clean and pronounced. Perfume and incense with a subtle smoke. Underpinned with pine-rich juniper and a warming spice.

    Palate: Silky and pronounced mouth feel. Strong juniper graciously subsides into perfumed agarwood. A spiced pepper foundation is complemented by an amalgamation of distinctive teas with delicate caramel notes. A well-rounded profile sees each flavour complement the last in this impressively considered gin.

    Finish: Long and complex, slightly smoky and perfumed finish. A beautiful celebration of classic dry gin and contemporary execution.

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