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L'Orbe Vodka x Caviar enhances white spirits by blending them with exceptional ingredients. L'Orbe Vodka x Caviar, uses a unique infusion technique free of chemical stabilisation, flavouring and additives, which preserves the integrity of these special ingredients. The result of this blend provides an unprecedented taste experience. This vodka has been distilled from a unique variety of rye of the highest quality in Poland. Its creamy texture, balance and subtle hazelnut notes go perfectly with caviar. Royal Baeri caviar has been carefully selected for its sophisticated flavour with fresh notes of hazelnuts and a buttery texture. Baeri pearls are delicate with a subtle salty taste.

L'Orbe Vodka x Caviar 40%, 500ml

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  • Impossible Pairings Made Possible!

    L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar disrupts sensory experiences by bringing complexity to white spirits, blending fresh yet delicate spirits with caviar, the rarest of delicacies. L'Orbe Vodka x Caviar made impossible pairings possible, creating unprecedented infusions, thanks to our patented encapsulation technology.

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