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Cordusio is the world’s first red berry aperitivo,
100% natural.

Blended sustainably and bottled fresh in Italy: the red berries are blended with botanicals selected from the finest local producers bringing Cordusio to life with an unrivaled heritage of craftsmanship. 
Cordusio is crafted with locally sourced botanicals, perfectly balanced with citrus notes, and reinforced by red berries: complex and yet smooth. Round and intense. 

Clear and bright, lively red, with scarlet/amber nuances.

A complex tableau of rich flavours, with several berries, fruity and herbaceous suggestions. Raspberry and red berry at first, followed by citrus, floral and woody notes.

Intense and fresh. Amazing balance of botanicals and citric notes in the mouth, reinforced by the aromatic profile of red berries. Notes of woody spices with a surprising bitter-sweet balance. 


Long and persistent aftertaste.

CORDUSIO - Red Berry Aperitivo 70cl

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