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Chrome Horse Society Blanco is a bright platinum tequila, with high notes of citrus, layered aromas of spicy pepper and a lingering warmth of fragrant sweetness.

Innovative toasting techniques release herbal and floral aromas of the raw agave.

Triple distillation in copper plated column stills, polish the final product to produce a highly pure, artfully balanced tequila. A highly controlled fermentation process yields all fruit forward flavors of pineapple, guava, pear and spiced notes of pepper, clove and mint.

Primary aromas: citrus, herbal, earthy grass.

Secondary aromas: fruity guava, pear, pineapple, spicy pepper, clove, mint.

Tertiary aromas: sweetly fragrant, gardenia, vanilla.

Color: bright platinum with silver highlights.

Body: medium.

100% additive free.


Gold medal winner: 2023 Denver International Spirits Competition.


Quote from Enrique Legorreta, tequila expert:

“If you want to taste a tequila that offers the whole agave experience, Chrome Horse Society is one of my favorites. Each pour starts with earthy, fresh aromas from the agave fields, opening up into the complex taste of cooked agave notes, finishing with hints of vanilla derived from its unique cooking process. Complex and subtle flavors are artfully balanced for a nuanced experience on the palette, delicious, each and every sip.”


Chrome Horse Society Tequila Blanco 40%, 700ml

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