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Our sense of smell contributes to 80% of the flavour experience we have when drinking, making your drink garnish as important as the liquid in the glass. Enter the Silent Pool Mist Liquid Garnish world.


The innovative mists remove all the hassle associated with a fresh garnish. Just two sprays over the top of your G&T does all the work of a fresh garnish and enhances the botanicals of the gin. No G&T should be served without it!

Silent Pool Mist - Bergamot Orange Liquid Garnish 3cl

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  • The Legend of The Silent Pool

    The area of the Silent Pool is an atmospheric location shrouded in myth and legend. In the early 20th century Agatha Christie was said to have faked her own death here. But centuries before that, in the 1200’s another intriguing female was said to have come to an untimely end here.

    Legend has it that a Woodcutter’s Daughter, Emma, used to bathe in the Silent Pool regularly. One evening, a man on horseback spied her. Taking a liking to what he saw, he drew nearer to the bank. Scared by his advances, Emma retreated and fell into a deep part of the pool where she tragically drowned. The man fled in haste and fear. The Woodcutter, on searching for his missing daughter, found her floating dead in the water. He also found something else: there, on the bank of the pool was the royal crest of Prince John, who later became King John the First of England - more recognisably known as the evil King John in Robin Hood. Look closely at the pattern on your Silent Pool Gin bottle and you’ll spot Emma, the nefarious Prince John and a crown representing his royal crest intertwined amongst the botanicals.

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