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We partner with a small village of artisanal families who have been quietly making the finest mezcals in the world. Single-village production, sourcing from the San Juan del Rio region of Oaxaca, Mexico.  


Maguey: 100%Papalome

Oven: Earthen Oven

Distillation: Clay Pot

Crush: Still Hand Mashed

Fermentation: Open Air Fermentation in Hide


Sweet, earthy nose, honey, tobacco, salinity from clay, vanilla, cantaloupe, bright minerality, hazelnut.

Mezcal Ansestral 700ml

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  • For generations, there has been a closely guarded secret among a select group of Mexico’s most respected families and Los Bajos’ finest jimadors: El Tequila Privado

    With no commercial pressure to bring this nameless and unlabeled tequila to market, El Tequila Privado only existed to satisfy the discerning palates of its benefactors. In the small village of Amatitán, a local artisan distilling family has passionately crafted these spirits, never veering from the centuries old codes and customs of Los Bajos:

    “Los Códigos”

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